Karen Chinca LICSW


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Wellness

1101 Beacon Street, Suite 8E, Brookline 617.739.7190

Treatment & Services

I use the following techniques in my practice:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): CBT is based on the assumption that when people change the way they think, behaviors can be modified. Changing behaviors can lead to healthier functioning, increased satisfaction with relationships, work, and other areas of one’s life. CBT is incorporated into my practice by teaching my clients how to challenge and alter dysfunctional thought patterns. CBT is an evidence based model which is beneficial in addressing issues of anxiety, panic, eating disorders, as well as obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

Mindfulness: Being mindful enables people to be more present with their thoughts, feelings, emotions, body sensations, and environment. Developing a practice of mindfulness helps individuals feel better, alleviates stress and anxiety, as well as other uncomfortable emotions. I incorporate mindfulness into my practice by teaching clients how to be more present and accepting of themselves.

Stress Management: Stress has been shown to interfere with many facets of functioning. My clients develop and practice a variety of stress management techniques to calm their body and mind. These techniques include breathing exercises, progressive muscle relaxation, as well different poses which reduce tension, stress and anxiety.

Psychodynamic Therapy: Traditional talk therapy which helps clients understand how their past impacts their present lives.

Exposure Therapy: A specific type of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy which treats a variety of issues, including anxiety and panic, trauma, specific phobias, and eating disorders. With the support of the therapist, clients are gradually exposed to feared situations, using relaxation strategies, coping skills, and behavioral techniques. Through exposure therapy, clients will overcome their fears and gain control over situations which are overwhelming and distressing.

Therapy Assessment: Every client brings particular concerns and hopes to therapy. Essential to the process is designing a tailor-made treatment plan which addresses each client’s unique goals.

I provide the following services for professionals:

Clinical Consultation: In addition to working with my clients, I also provide clinical supervision to professionals.

Private Practice Development Consultation: For clinicians who are starting a private practice or who want to enhance and grow their practice.

Workshops and Trainings: in professional settings. Areas of specialized training include CBT, eating disorders treatment, the treatment of trauma, and the treatment of self-harm.